CNC Design is the representative of Siemens for machine tool controls with trained service personnel and spare part stock.
               Siemens is one of the world’s leading providers
of products for motion control & industrial automation.
Including :
         • SINUMERIK Machine Tool CNC Controls
         • SIMOTION Production Machine Controls
         • SIMATIC PLCs
         • SINAMICS AC Servo Drive system
         • SINAMICS DC Drive system
         • SIMOTICS AC Servo motor
          CNC Design has partnered with Siemens for more than 30 years and this strong relationship allows us to support customers both in our region and worldwide.
         • SIEMENS Servicing
         • SIEMENS Spare part
         • SIEMENS Sinumrik CNC training
Siemens Sinumerik ...
... the only CNC family for all level of machine tools.
         • SINUMERIK 808D advance
         • SINUMERIK 828D
         • SINUMERIK 840D sl
         • SINUMERIK ONE  (New !!!)
         • SINUMERIK MC (New !!!)
SINUMERIK 808D advance
Standard machines      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >    Premium machines

•  Panel-based compact CNC

•  Technologies: Turning and milling

•  Up to 6 axes/spindles

•  1 machining channels

•  S7-200-based PLC

•  With SINAMICS V70 Drive

For entry-level class basic machine

•  Panel-based compact CNC

•  Technologies: Turning, milling, grinding

•  Up to 10 axes/spindles / 2 auxiliary axes

•  2 machining channels

•  S7-200-based PLC

•  With SINAMICS S120 Drive

For compact class standard machine

•  Drive-based modular CNC

•  Multi-technology CNC

•  Up to 93 axes/spindles

•  Up to 30 machining channels

•  SIMATIC S7-300 PLC 317/319-3PN/DP

•  With SINAMICS S120 Drive

For premium class machine
The next level CNC in the premium class.
SINUMERIK ONE – the digital native CNC with the pioneering CNC system for highly productive machine tools. Thanks to its digital twin, the key element in digital transformation, SINUMERIK ONE helps to simulate and test work processes completely virtually - saving time, resources and costs.
The open CNC for woodworking, glass working and stone working machines, as well as special technologies.
The SINUMERIK MC is the ideal control system for machine solutions with customized user interfaces and maximum precision in motion control with G code.
"Simotion D"
Compact and integrated in the drive.
The SIMOTION functionality is integrated directly in the closed-loop control module of the SINAMICS S120 drive system. Therefore, the complete system (consisting of the open-loop control and the drive) is extremely compact and powerful.
"Simotion P"
Open for other tasks.
SIMOTION P is a PC-based Motion Control System.
"Simotion C"
Modularity and flexibility.
SIMOTION C is a Motion Controller based on the SIMATIC S7-300 design.
"Simatic S7-1200"
SIMATIC S7-1200: Basic controller
The controller for open-loop and closed-loop control tasks in mechanical and plant engineering.
The SIMATIC S7-1200 combines compact modular design with high performance, making it suitable for a wide variety of automation applications. Its range of use extends from the replacement of relays and contactors up to complex automation tasks in networks and within distributed structures.
"Simatic S7-1500"
SIMATIC S7-1500: Advance controller
A modular control system for a variety of automation applications in discrete automation.
The modular and fan-free design, simple implementation of distributed structures, and convenient handling make the SIMATIC S7-1500 the cost-effective and user-friendly solution for a wide range of diverse tasks.
"Simatic S7-300"
SIMATIC S7-300 :
The mini PLC system for the lower and medium performance ranges.
The modular and fan-free design, simple implementation of distributed structures, and convenient handling make the SIMATIC S7-300 the cost-effective and user-friendly solution for the most diverse tasks in the low-end and mid performance ranges.
"Simatic S7-400"
The SIMATIC S7-400 :
the power PLC for the mid to high-end performance ranges.
The modular and fan-free design, high level of expandability, extensive communication and networking options, simple implementation of distributed structures, and user-friendly handling make the SIMATIC S7-400 the ideal solution even for the most demanding tasks in the mid to high-end performance ranges.
"SIEMENS SINAMICS AC Servo Drive system"
"Sinamics S120"
SINAMICS S120 drive :
A modular system for high-performance applications in machine and plant engineering.
SINAMICS S120 offers high-performance single-axis and multi-axis drives for a very broad range of industrial applications. By virtue of its scalability and flexibility, SINAMICS S120 is the ideal system for satisfying the ever increasing demand for more axes and better performance. SINAMICS S120 supports flexible machine designs and speedy implementation of customized drive solutions.
         • Line Modules
            - Active line modules
            - Smart line modules
         • Motor Modules
            - Single motor modules
            - Double motor modules
         • Control Units
            - CU310-2
            - CU320-2
         • Line Side component
            - Line filters
            - Line reactors
            - Active interface modules
         • Power Modules
         • Load side power components
            - Motor reactor
         • DC link components
            - Braking modules
            - Braking resistors
"Sinamics S110"
SINAMICS S110 drive :
The basic positioning drive for single-axis applications
The SINAMICS S110 servo drive is designed for connection to both synchronous servomotors and asynchronous (induction) motors. It supports all the most popular types of encoder.
         • Power Modules
            - PM240-2
            - PM340
         • Control Units
            - CU305
"Sinamics V90"
"Sinamics V70"
"New !! Sinamics S210"
The new generation of DC converters from Siemens. The name SINAMICS DC MASTER
          SINAMICS DCM – embodies the strengths of this new generation. It combines the advantages of its predecessor SIMOREG DC-MASTER, with the advantages of the SINAMICS family.
          The DC Converter includes built-in units for connection to a three-phase supply.
These are used to supply the armature and field of variable-speed DC drives. The rated DC current range of the units extends from 15 to 3000 A and can be increased by connecting DC Converters in parallel.
"1FT7 Motor"
1FT7 Motor :
For Sinamics S120 drive
"1FK7 Motor"
1FK7 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S110 drive
"1FL6 Motor"
"New !! 1FK2 Motor"
1FL6 Motor :
For Sinamics V90, V70 drive
1FK2 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S210 drive
"1PH8 Motor"
1PH8 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S110 drive
"1PH1 Motor"
1PH1 Motor :
For Sinamics V70 drive
"SIEMENS CNC Training course"

          We offer high qualified training with certified trainers by Siemens from basic courses to commissioning courses.

Training participants get a Siemens certification.

SIEMENS SINUMERIK CNC controller & drives

       •  Operating and programming

       •  Service and commissioning

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