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CNC Design VSF 3D Printers

VSF CO109 Onsite Printer :

             The onsite concrete 3D printer is designed to be easily relocatable, so that buildings can be printed in situ. It has a print volume of 9m x 5m x 3.2m and has print speed of up to 20m/min. The length of the printer can be extended to make larger buildings.

VSF CG Prefab Printer:

             The prefab printer is suitable for making modular building parts that can be constructed offsite and then moved to the final location. This printer has print volume of 9m x 3.5m x 3.2m and print speeds of up to 45m/min. Similar to the onsite printer, the print length can be extended if needed. This printer also has an optional 5-axis machining spindle that can be used for finishing and drilling holes.

          The Virtual Smart Factory ® (VSF) 3D printers are also available for thermoplastic, composite and wax printing at large scale.

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