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Gudel products solutions


Güdel is a world leader in the supply of Modules & Components for industrial automation

  • FP 3-Axis Cartesian Gantries

  • ZP 2-Axis Cartesian Gantries

  • Track Motion / Track Motion Ovearhead

  • Components – Gearboxes, Racks & Pinions


        Today Güdel products can be found in industries such as: automotive, rail, logistics & warehousing, wood, aerospace, tyres & pharmaceuticals.

        CNC Design can work with customers to provide components & modules as discrete products or modules as complete turnkey systems in conjunction with Siemens industrial automation products such as SINUMERIK CNCs & SIMATIC PLCs: 5 axis machining, product handling, 3D printing & additive manufacturing

Güdel products


High performance

Angle gearboxes

Gedel angle gearboxes

       High-performance angle gearboxes cover 5 different sizes. The names for the different sizes correspond to the center distance (mm) between the input and output shafts: 030, 045, 060, 090 and 120

       An extremely broad choice of gear rations - thirteen in total, ranging from 2 to 60, enable you to cover the most common areas of application.

Download catalogue : click here

High precision

Planetary gearboxes

Gedel planetary gearboxes

       Gudel high-precision planetary gearboxes provide the ideal solution for demanding operations.

       All products in four different precision grade : 1, 3, 5 and 12 arcmin

       A wide range of ratios can be selected start from 3 up to 1000 Depending on the ratio gearbox will either have one, two or three stages.

Download catalogue : click here

         Racks & Pinions.
Offer racks and pinions in different qualities and finishes. Provide with the right product for every application and industry.

Gudel racks pinions

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         Movement into your process - with TrackMotion
Linear tracks for robots

           FlowMotion in any direction

           Components can be easily combined as and when required to form single-axis, multiple-axis,

and rotary modules.

Gudel TrackMotion TMF

         Linear axis & Gantry.
Universal and flexible for an almost unlimited number of solutions

Gudel linear axis and gantry
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