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Siemens CNC Services

Siemens CNC controller services and support

       Local service and support available of knowledge and spares. We are the authorized Siemens partner for Siemens CNC controller servicing in Thailand.

- Short reaction time in urgent cases

- Service engineer onsite

Siemens Machine tool
Siemens Controll

Siemens Drives & motors test, service and spare part

- Checking and diagnostic for Siemens motors and drives

- Siemens Servicing

- Siemens Spart part

Siemens CNC Controller motor drive simulator
Service spare part
1FT7 Motor
Siemens 1FT7 motor
1FT7 Motor :

For Sinamics S120 drive
1PH8 Motor
Siemens 1PH8 motor
1PH8 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S110 drive
1FK7 Motor
Siemens 1FK7 motor
1FK7 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S110 drive
1PH1 Motor
Siemens 1PH1 motor
1PH1 Motor :
For Sinamics V70 drive
1FL6 Motor
Siemens 1FL6 motor
1FL6 Motor :
For Sinamics V90, V70 drive
Sinamics S120
Sinamics S120 Drive
1FK2 Motor
Siemens 1FK2 motor
1FK2 Motor :
For Sinamics S120, S210 drive
Sinamics S110
Sinamics S110 Drive
Sinamics V90
Sinamics V90 Drive
Sinamics V70
Sinamics V70 Drive
Sinamics S210
Sinamics S210 Drive

CNC Control/Controller Siemens                          

Checking and diagnostic for Siemens controller

SINUMERIK 808D advance
Siemens Sinumerik 808D Advance
Siemens Sinumerik 828D
Siemens Sinumerik 840Dsl
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