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" Mechanical Revamping "

Mechanical services and installation

         After long time used machine.

Some mechanical parts need to be recondition to improve the machine accuracy and reduce breakdown time.

We can offer mechanical recondition as follow.

              • Restoring or improving mechanical assemblies to bring the machine                     back to original condition

              • Slideway grinding and scraping

              • Application of anti friction

              • New ball screws, bearing, spindle shaft

              • Machine alignment as per ISO chart

Slideways Grinding
     & Guideways Scraping
             Mechanical recondition
       " Machine bed or machine table slideways need to be grinding or scraping 
after long time used. We have the big machine for this solution to improve machine
slideways accuracy  that can be grinding with maximum 10 m. length."
CNCDesign Slideways grinding
Slideways Grinding
To improve machine accuracy, reduced bed error  
Guideways Scraping
To improve machine accuracy, creates flatness  
For Long term use and stability because scraping creates oil pockets for lubrication   
Mechanical recondition 
New ballscrews & bearing installation  •       
New spindle shaft & bushs installation   •       
New rack & pinion installation   •       
Fixing anti friction material like turcite, babbit, biplast and matching   •       
New Lubrication system installation   •       
Machine geometry check and alignment.
 • To check the mechanical conditions of the machine we can provide machine level check, flatness, straightness, runout ect.
Pama machine geometry check
• After checking we can fix and adjust to correct the machine error
Pama speedmat machine alignment check
Pama speedram boring machine geometry check
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