We are the specialists in upgrades and custom re-built roll grinders for steel, aluminum, copper and paper industries.

         Apart from successful projects we offer solutions for occasional problems related to machine and roll finish.

         This gives unique advantage to our customers due to our proximity.

Roll Grinder Upgrades

Roll grinder upgrade-retrofit

       Upgrades your old machine to new technology system with new CNC controller, new measuring system, etc. or mechanical recondition.

Customer-built Roll Grinder

Re-built roll grinder

       Supply new custom re-built machine with new system upgrades and mechanical recondition to save your budget more than 60% instead of buying new machine.


Roll Grinder service and solutions


         Measuring system.
         We can provide new roll measuring system with profile error compensation function to correct the roll profile error.

Roll grinder measuring system
Farrel Roll grinder with measuring unit
Waldrid Siegen roll grinder machine

         Coolant system.
         We can provide new coolant filtration system for roll grinder machine.

Roll grinder coolant system
Naxos union roll grinder machine
Herkules rollgrinder.jpg

         Machine foundation.
         We can design and provide machine foundation drawing and machine installation for roll grinder machine.

Machine foundation
Roll grinder foundation
CNC machine foundation

Roll Grinder machine components

         Wheel balance system.
         We can provide wheel balancing system with manual balance or electronic automatic balance while grinding for roll grinder machine.

automatic wheel balancing equipment
Roll grinder manual wheel balance

Steady rest

Roll grind machine steady rest

       We can design and provide machine steady rest.

Spindle shaft, Bearing and bush.

Roll grinder spindle shaft-bush-bearing

       We can design and provide spindle accessories.

         We can provide new headstock set for roll grinder machine.

Roll grinder headstock upgrades
Headstock for roll grinding machine
CNCDesign Thailand.jpg

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