What... is machine retrofit ?
       Retrofit, refurbish, revamping  or machine upgrade are the process to recondition of the machines. We need to design or
re-engineering  to improves the machine performance.
Milling/Machining center
Turning/Lathe machines
Boring machines
Grinding machines
Drilling machines
Gear machines
"Expensive machine tools need to be accurate and reliable.
We cover total end to end
activities in machine upgrade"
Special propose machines
Why... we need to retrofit ?
       - Machine running with low performance.
       - Spare parts obsolete or no spare parts.
       - Want to upgrade new function or new technology.
       - Want to improve the productivity and accuracy.
Benefits...  after retrofit ! 
- Save cost around 40-60 % of new machine price.
- New generation of electrical & mechanical parts.
- Improve machine performance & accuracy.
- Increase machine reliability
- Long term spare part supply & service
How... to retrofit the machine ?
Complete electrical upgrades and  mechanical recondition.
Electrical upgrades
Upgrade all new Siemens CNC controller system •
Integrated new system with machine •
New electrical installation •
Commissioning, training new system •
Specialize for CNC machine tools (application knowhow) •
Mechanical reconditioning
• Restoring or improving mechanical assemblies to                           bring the machine back to original condition
• Slideway grinding and scraping
• Application of anti friction
• New ball screws, bearing, spindle shaft
• Machine alignment as per ISO chart
New ! CNC Controller
Siemens Controller Operator panel
New electrical Main Cabinet
New ! electrical cabinet & machine wiring installation
Electrical design
New electrical design
• Circuit diagram
Cabinet wiring
Machine wiring
CNC/PLC Programming
New PLC Programming
• PLC Programming
• Configuration
Siemens Motor
Siemens Switchgears
New Generation CNC
Siemens Controllers
• Sinumerik 840Dsl
• Sinumerik 828D
• Sinumerik 808D Advance
• Siemens SIMOTION
• PLC S7-300, S7-400
• PLC S7-1200, S7-1500
• Sinumerik ONE (New !)
• Sinumerik MC (New !)
New Siemens
Servo drives
• Sinamics S120
• Sinamics S110
• Sinamics V70
• Sinamics V90
• Sinamics DCM
(DC Drive)
• Sinamics S210 
(New !)
New Siemens
Servo Motors
• Siemens motor 1FT7
• Siemens motor 1FK7
• Siemens motor 1PH8
• Siemens motor 1PH1
• Siemens motor 1FL6
• Siemens motor 1FK2
(New !)
New Switchgears
• Input-output module
• Magnetic contractor
• Circuit breaker
• Relays
Amosin encoder
Siemens encoder.png
Limit switch
Engineering commissioning
New encoders
• Absolute encoder
• Increment enocder
Rotary encoder
• Linear scale
New Sensors
• Limit switch
• Proximity
Pressure switch
• Flow switch
• Etc.
New System engineering
• Machine commissioning
• Integrated new system
Drive & motor optimizes
• Maintenance training
• CNC operating training
"Expensive machine tools need to be accurate and reliable. We cover total end to end activities in machine upgrade"
CNC Machine tools upgrade-retrofit-overhaul

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